Month: March 2021

A View of Restoration from the Barataria Basin

What is Coastal Restoration anyway? CRCL has produced a video to help explain it to you. A View of Restoration from the Barataria Basin, gives you a high level description of the issue, the impacts and causes of coastal land loss, and an in-depth view of all the different restoration […]

Coastal Wetlands Protection And Restoration Act (Barataria Projects)

The Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection and Restoration Act, (CWPPRA, pronounced kwǐp-rŭh), is federal legislation enacted in 1990 that is designed to identify, prepare, and fund construction of coastal wetlands restoration projects. Since its inception, 210 projects have been authorized, benefiting approximately 100,000 acres in Louisiana.

Lafitte and his Barataria Privateers

The word “Barataria” is an adaptation of a curious old Creole word, “Barateur,’ or “Barato,” signifying “cheap,” for the smuggled goods, rare and beautiful that were sold by the pirates were “very cheap.” It has already been told how Lafitte had his famous smithy in Bourbon and St. Philip Street. […]